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Long time no post

Lots of changes. All my Betta's have passed on. Last month I got two of the cuties little girl betta's and I have two new males on order. Plan to change some of my water changing system on my tanks in hopes these live longer. Ever other day on my Betta tanks and every five on my goldfish.
The goldfish are doing great. Did lose one back in December. No clue why. But have two new goldfish and everyone is doing great. So uped the water changes and added a new canster filter in place of one of the HOB for more media room. The tank looks great.
So plan to change water in two of the small tanks every day and then on the 5th day do the goldfish tank.
The 10g is still doing well but I stopped changing water on it but ever three months. Its weird but with soil in it the tank just doesnt do well if you change the water a lot. I have guppies in there and have lots of babies. Time to cull I think here soon. Looks like Im up to about 12 fish in there.


Working on 10g

Been doing a little work on my 10g planted tank. It was looking bad. Removed some plants. Removed cory cats. And huge water change. Thinking I need to put a background on this tank. Maybe silver.

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